MLS Red Standing 1 Mediations
Molly Lewis Sasso is also a Certified Family Law Mediator, here to assist in serving as a catalyst for creative solutions to your family law matter. Mediation is a dispute resolution procedure by which a neutral third party meets with the parties, usually separately, to help them negotiate the terms of their divorce, paternity, modification or any other family law matter about which you’ve read on the pages contained herein. If Molly can litigate it, she can mediate it.

While Molly has legal training, she is not acting as an attorney to either party when she serves as a mediator. In fact, she will not consult with either party separately if they wish to use her as a mediator (and if she already has, she is disqualified from serving as their mediator).

As a mediator, she is there to expand each party’s perspective, pinpoint each party’s most important goals, and reach a mutually agreeable settlement that best expresses the compromise achieved. Mediation is an excellent alternative to the cost of trial, the stress of the courtroom experience, and the terrifying unknown of what a judge would rule. We have a saying in family law: “There are a lot of good settlements and bad judgments,” meaning that you’re far more competent to determine an agreement that is going to work for your family than allowing a judge, who doesn’t know your family and who hears a very small cross-section of your family’s experience, the opportunity to enter a judgment that neither party will like.

Molly is available for mediations serving pro se parties, i.e. those who do not have lawyers, or for represented parties, who will rely on his or her attorney’s advice throughout the course of mediation, as Molly instead proactively facilitates the parties’ chosen solution.

You’ll never have more control over your family’s future than on mediation day. Mediation is a superb solution to minimize ongoing conflict with a deal in which both parties are wholly invested, because they themselves crafted it.

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