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Molly Sasso and Christie Guerrero of Sasso & Guerrero Family Law
Christie Guerrero (L) and Molly Sasso (R) have both achieved Board Certification in Marital and Family Law. Board Certification by the Florida Bar is an evaluation of an attorney’s specialized knowledge, skills, and proficiency in the family law field, as well as the highest endorsement of an attorney’s professionalism and ethics in practice. Achieving Board Certification is a rare honor. No other law firm in Jacksonville has two Board Certified Marital & Family Law Experts!

Sasso & Guerrero
Family. Lawyers.

We are family lawyers. The lawyers at Sasso & Guerrero are skilled advocates for those navigating the legal system in all types of family-related matters. Divorce, Adoption, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Law, Paternity, LGBTQ+ Family Matters, and every family matter in between. If it’s related to dissolving, forming, or protecting family relationships, we do it.

We are family lawyers. But we also have families. We raise children. We’ve fostered children. We’ve adopted children. We’ve lost children. When you hire Sasso & Guerrero, you’re hiring lawyers who know how important it is to have a parenting plan that gives you the most possible time with your kids after your marriage dissolves, and we personally know the peace of mind an adoption judgment provides. We also know what it is to fight to keep your children safe. We are parents too. We know exactly what’s at stake and how indescribably priceless it is.

We are family lawyers. But we’re also family. We not only work together, but we have years of shared holidays, trips, and kids’ birthday parties to reinforce our shared passion for rendering unparalleled service in the field of family law. That means: When you hire Sasso & Guerrero, you’re hiring our family, whether lawyer or support personnel, and every member of our firm is a valuable contributor to your best legal result. Let OUR family fight to protect YOUR family.

Sasso & Guerrero.
We’re family.
(And we’re lawyers.)