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Paulino Estevez

Paulino Estevez joined the Sasso & Guerrero family in April 2021. As a Tampa native, he moved to Jacksonville in 2015 to begin a new chapter in his life. Upon living here, he attended the University of North Florida and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Spanish. As a native Spanish speaker, his goal in life has always been to follow the footsteps of his parents in helping the community.

Thanks to a little help from others, a little bit of kismet, and a little bit of “right place, right time,” he is happily embarking down his path in the field of family law. His initial position at Sasso & Guerrero was the firm’s receptionist/intake coordinator, but he was quickly promoted to operations manager, a position in which he thrives. He also enjoys the proud distinction of being the only gentleman representative the ladies allow in the firm. In his spare time, Paulino enjoys going out for hikes with his family, enjoying the local gastronomy Jacksonville has to offer, and cracking the “best” dad jokes.